Best cameras in the world: Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G – the new leader

DxOMark experts have already reached the new Samsung  and appreciated the capabilities of the cameras (both at once) of the top model – Galaxy Note 10+ 5G.   

Main camera

The  main camera of the smartphone has four modules: 12  megapixel  sensor (aperture from  f / 1.5 to  f / 2.4),  12  MP telephoto lens  (f / 2.1),  16  MP wide-angle module  (f / 2.2) with  a viewing angle of up to  123 degrees and  an additional ToF camera.

For the  photo she was  given 118 points. This is a  point less than the  Huawei P30 Pro, but  a  point more than the  Galaxy S10 5G.

The  camera received 101 points for the possibility of shooting video, and  this is the highest rating.

As a  result, the  Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ has an average score of 113, and the  smartphone becomes the new leader in the DxOMark rating, ahead of the Huawei P30 Pro and Galaxy S10 5G .


Experts rated the front-end at  99 points – and this is also the best result.  

It turns out that both cameras in the  smartphone are the best of all that is currently on the market.   

Author: Melinda Sherween

I have worked as an art consultant and Home Designer for eight years at all now. As an art consultant, she was first employed in a local art gallery in San Francisco, where I was responsible for picking the most suitable artwork for her clients depending on their goals and budget. Also, I love to craft and fix stuffs at home and want to share my knowledge with my audience)

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